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If you've ever wanted to write man pages in Markdown, this tool is great:

Lately on the blog: Jay Miller: Using Bunch for Creating Newsletters

I wanted a smaller cutting board to go with my gorgeous full size one. I have a guy for that now.

She plays with her toy until she's tired, falls asleep in it, and then when she wakes up she's inside of her favorite toy. I am envious.

I really, really love this cutting board. Wait 'til I show you the new one, though…

Dear recipe authors: "roughly chop?" Like you want me to call it names while I cut it? The opposite of "finely" is "coarsely."

I kid, of course. @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard were exceptionally kind about it :)

In which I do my best to explain why I love Bunch so much. It was a tough crowd.
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Posted: Automators 79 with @MacSparky & @RosemaryOrchard: Brett Terpstra

Synology was very cool about giving me an exchange despite being a couple months out of warranty. I'm very thankful. Time Machine, Arq, and all of my largest git repos (and years of archived data) all depend on my Synology…

I want to "rubberize" the surface of a keyboard tray so I can use it at an angle without my stuff sliding off it and gaming mousepads don't work well and I don't know the best way to do it and I don't know what to google and if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. *breathes*

Lately on the blog: SummerFest 2021: Festival of Artisanal Software [Sponsor]

Fathom Analytics just got a BIG update, with improved filtering, referer tracking, and more, all while maintaining user privacy. If you're looking to get away from Google Analytics on your websites, I recommend checking it out. (my referral link)

W3School's browser stats for April 2021 have Chrome at 80.7%, Firefox at 6.1% and Safari at 3.7%. As I thought, I'm kind of popular within a very small segment of the internet.

YES! Make me have to quit my day job so I can go broke doing support!
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@ttscoff Let's make Brett rich in support tickets!

It's not a huge dataset to work with, but I find it interesting that visitors to skew heavily toward Safari, compared to global averages (which *heavily* favor Chrome). It's even more pronounced on, though much less traffic there.

Bunch could use a few more Product Hunt upvotes. How am I ever going to get rich developing a free app if it doesn't make it to the top charts?

Hey, show Bunch some Product Hunt love. If you want to, I mean. No pressure.

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