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I wish for a magic trackpad with touch id plus unlimited wishes. But I'll take the unlimited wishes if I have to choose.

Project for the day: @keyboardmaestro macro that indexes markdown files and headlines in them to create a search and insert a link. For cross-linking when working on Markdown-based documentation.

Will probably blog it, but if you're curious, just ask. Configurable/templated.

Also, I have all these scripts for turning RTF transcripts into Markdown, tagging mp3s based on Markdown show notes, yada yada. Many of them are outmoded by Descript now. I've been outdone. But I support relegation of any automation when something better comes along... Progress.

Related, today I published a podcast with chapters for the first time. It's always seemed like too much trouble before… Now I just add notes in the transcript and they turn into chapters. It's awesome.

So @DescriptApp has changed my podcasting workflow 💯. And now it can tag mp3s and include markers as chapters, and export transcripts to Markdown, too. Damn.

They should buy ads on @ovrtrd, I can't keep giving this kind of adulatory shit away for free.

Lately on the blog: Custom URLs for your Synology with Namecheap

In order to escape AnyConnect for work, I am now running a Docker container with stunnel proxy on a local Mac mini server and tunneling my main other machine's traffic through it. PITA to set up, but so much easier to use day to day.

Lately on the blog: A new Jekyll plugin for handling beta documentation

I'm writing my Virtual @macstockexpo 2021 talk on Bunch in an @ithoughtsapp mind map with the script written in topic notes, and using @MarkedApp to view it as a teleprompter on a second display.

This setup would make a good Macstock talk.

Good grief, she's really getting comfortable here. She unplugged my monitor and audio on my last zoom call. Need to fasten the cables because I don't have the heart to make her stop sleeping there. Not that I can control cats anyway…

About to try an espresso blend called The Remedy. That's a big promise for a bag of beans.

Lately on the blog: Get it right every time with TextExpander [Sponsor]

Bod jumped on the treadmill with me today. She's so curious about everything, it's inspiring.

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