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Spelling-wise I have mixed feelings about "queue." It's either amazing or horrible, but I'm ambivalent.

As a recovering Evangelical who grew up during the Satanic Panic, I get a kick out of occurrences of "666" in my life.

Last month I got a check for $666 AND paid a bill for $666. A Satanic wash, I believe.

So happy to see @kaleidoscopeapp have a bright future under @catlan, @flo_muc, and @monkeydom stewardship. Working with 3.0 right now and it's fantastic. Best diff ever.

To whoever incepted me and turned my dream into a stressful one of being tasked with creating a new music video for Never Gonna Give You Up on an impossible deadline: well played.

Lately on the blog: Just your average project update and wellness check-in

Everybody should have fzf installed. Well, everyone who uses the shell should. From here on out I'm not generating CLI menus for my tools anymore, everything just gets piped through fzf.

I've had a run of bad luck with USB3 hubs. Who makes the most reliable hubs? I'm happy to pay a bit more for one that doesn't have quality issues or a short lifespan.

All you have to do is say the words “rick roll” and the song is immediately stuck in my head without further provocation. I think I’m highly sensitive. I probably shouldn’t have told you this.

I'm pretty good behind a camera. Not too shabby at video editing. I'm even a decent public speaker. But this first go at being an on-camera personality has made me realize I need a LOT of practice. So much harder than podcasting.

Did you know that `less -X` lets paged content stay on screen after you exit the pager? And you can pass it to `bat` with `--pager="less -Xr"`.

That's what I figured out at 5am. It was a good morning. Related, mdless and howzit now leave content visible after exit…

Happy to see @WorkonaHQ finally letting me pay for it. That kid's got a future.

It will not surprise @film_girl or @JeSuppose that I just recorded 30 minutes of video with the microphone off.

“Murder boner cat” is a series of words that were just used—consecutively—in a conversation which, up until that point, was just about very normal Sunday plans.

I've been frazzled this week and the one thing that I've found solace in is learning new vim tricks. I usually forget the more complex sequences long before they get to muscle memory, but the process is weirdly meditative for me.

Sorry, I thought this was my Tinder profile.

Had a pulsing pop in my studio monitors that I narrowed down to being electrical. Ground loop isolator didn't help. So I started unplugging everything in the studio and on the same circuit. 2 hrs later I finally unplugged the problem: a 5v USB hub. Ah, silence again.

Lately on the blog: TextExpander - productive AND fun [Sponsor]

Well holy shit, Teleport is alive and kicking as open source.

Sending this from my MBP and typing on the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard connected to my Mac mini. Perfect.

I wish I could Sidecar my MBP from my mini. I miss Teleport. Has there been a worthy replacement for wireless KVM?

Been coding on M1… ran into maddening bug I spent over a month on. Today, compiled same code on an Intel MBP. Universal binary runs perfectly on both platforms. What I'm saying is that Intel Macs are better for building Apple Silicon apps, based on this very small sample size.

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