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I'm not an SVG pro by any stretch… but why would an SVG with text look right in Chrome/Firefox but show up with a system font in Safari? Specifically referring to the hero on It's something obvious that I don't know, obviously…

I've been doing mostly bug fixes on personal projects over the last couple of months, but reading through backlinks to my blog makes me realize that over time I've created a lot of stuff a lot of people find useful. Too much stuff, some might say. Or too many people…

Lately on the blog: Focus on what matters with TextExpander [Sponsor]

The validity of this varies based on momentary obsessions, but I can fully endorse the current lineup

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Remember the importance of prayer. Since Columbine there have been no mass shootings in the United States thanks to the power of prayer.

I'm editing 12k word markdown articles right now and really digging this @MarkedApp thing I found.

I know there are more pressing concerns right now, but it bothers me how bad closed captions are at spelling "precedent." If it's ML/AI, that's one thing, but these seem human-generated and unaware that it's not "president."

That's better. Wordle 318 3/6


The Lana Del Ray cover of Chelsea Hotel #2 just made my day.

Watched Spider-Man 3 this weekend and I have to say that the Star Wars nerd from That 70s Show and the janitor from Wings do not make a very compelling power couple.

Upsetting. Wordle 317 5/6


Coming soon to an About iTerm dialog near you.

Lately on the blog: Want more time? Free up yours with TextExpander [Sponsor]

Re: Cawthorn, no kink shaming and he looks great. Maybe just own it and don’t be an asshole anymore?


It was better with Max too, at least up through Arise.

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