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Husband, arriving home at 5:14 PM: Ah, you’re still working. :(

Me: Not working, automating.

Him: Are you autonomous?

Me: Explains @ttscoff Bunch in detail.

Him: Gone now.

You may or may not be surprised to learn this is what the inside of my head looks like about 25% of the time.
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Room Rater Happy Long Weekend. A little more happiness to end the night. Thank you Suki, @GurdeepPandher and @damienrobi. 10/10

Lately on the blog: Communicate faster than ever with TextExpander [Sponsor]

Oh this is great, a "redacted" font for use in wireframes instead of lipum. (via @film_girl)

If .nerd or .geek ever become TLDs, I will be spending a lot of money. I would also invest in .ra, .tt, and .ff, if anyone is taking requests.

Just putting it out there, is available and would make a great custom url shortener for triggering conservatives.

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Shout-out to a tool I've been using every day for the last 10 years, probably my most used Mac app at this point: @MarkedApp by @ttscoff

It's just so good and well thought-through!

If you're writing a CLI in Ruby and want to use HTML-style hex colors for colorizing output, I made a thing.

Our property has forest, wetlands, marsh, and a beautiful creek. Our project for the summer is to clear a trail so we can easily experience them all.

Starting some forest management for the summer. Buckthorn has become a huge issue on our land.

Got my DNA results and turns out I’m 40% Pit Bull, 25% Corgi, 25% Doberman, and 10% Koala.

MTLLA. Make The Left Leftist Again. I'm so sick of the Dem ticket basically being Reagan-era republican.

Considering how much trouble I have sleeping, I spend an inordinate amount of time photographing cats sleeping. I think it's out of jealousy.

If you display the number three using your hand and you do it without the index finger, you make me uncomfortable. Like I can handle thumb and two fingers, first the fingers… but do it with last three fingers and I'm out.

She has 5 different cat beds/caves available to her, but if I'm in a room with a Moonpod, she'll always pick that. Even if I'm using it. Moonpod should make cat beds.

Crowdsourced editing: "a SQL database" or "*an* SQL". Which comes down to is it "a sequel" or "an ess-cue-ell?"

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