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If you're curious, it's a system that modifies Jekyll to work with an @Oracle CMS. Now we can write in Markdown, host on GitHub, and publish to official Oracle sites.

Nothing about it was easy, but it's still less painful than actually having to use a CMS…

I had a challenge at work that I kept saying could be done but I was never 100% certain I would pull it off. This week, I pulled it off. All the planning in my head led to 3 manic coding days and it f@* works!

Clean code, all commented, I'm a happy boy.

OMG OMG OMG BetterTouchTool finally released Stream Deck support and it is awesomely performant. Back to my Stream Deck fiddling, I guess. /cc @hotdogsladies and @AlexCox because they really should get around to doing this by Friday.

When you have a bit of a manic night and add benchmarking and way too much color to your log output.

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It’s this simple.
It’s not a discussion.

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🔥 JavaScript regular expressions are getting more powerful!

The RegExp `v` flag enables `unicodeSets` mode, unlocking support for Unicode properties of strings in \p{…}, set notation, string literal syntax, and other new features and improvements.

Have a great 4th or whatever you do in July!
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Welp, between intercontinental travel and illness, Overtired is on a break for a couple weeks. We'll see you on 7/15. Thanks in advance for your patience, and we'll be checking in on Discord in the meantime!

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I was curious whether Paddle would let me use emoji in coupon codes and it works! So for very limited time I♥️MARK⬇️ will get you 20% off of Marked 2...

If you want to find the bugs in something, make a screencast of it. Stuff that's always worked will fail, every time. h/t @sophtwhere

One of our local sushi joints has an appetizer called "Sexy Jalapeño." Basically a jalapeño popper with a sushi twist. So good. I mention this because I'm getting sushi tonight and am very excited about the sexualized peppers. Take my money.

This was an experiment to try to find the balance. How bad does a dad joke have to be to get likes? How good does it have to be? Where's the middle ground? Twitter is so fickle. I think I found one that gets no response at all, though.

What do you call a fly with no wings?


I tried to carve a pineapple while paying attention to a meeting. First cut was on a pineapple spine, the latter was a knife wound resulting from trying to protect the former.

Got a big box of @OracleDevs swag today and I might not need any new clothes for a while. So much cool stuff… job perks! Even some fans/enclosures for Raspberry Pis I might get sometime soon…

Do these age ranges for smiley face usage seem about right?

1-30: 😊
31-50: :)
51-99: :-)

A little chuckle for those in the know: The 3 Phases of Software Development, depicted in commit messages:

A nice Markdown version of the iTextEditors submission form for preparing your submission outside of a web browser: Thanks @NeoYokel !

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