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Talk about radicalization; I left YouTube on autoplay and it went from neolithic paleontology to the prevalence of human sacrifice in the Aztec religion to—of all things—the Sonhai Empire.

What do you call giving 3.14 stars to something? Pirating.

I'm doing a daily panel at Macstock where we do additional Q&A with that day's presenters… looking for a good name for it, any thoughts?

Sittin' in the waiting room… @ovrtrd coming soon :D

Just finished an atheist YouTube video and it was followed by an ad for a Jordan Petersen coloring book. WTF.

Lately on the blog: Expand your communication with TextExpander [Sponsor]

Hey @launchbar users… @ptujec linked me here for his CleanShot action, but holy cow, there's gold in this collection of actions.

ICYMI, this PopClip extension is handy when you need it (I just needed it today):

Repeat text with incrementing placeholders. It's fun.


I watched Everything Everywhere All At Once on @superpixels recommendation and it lives up to the hype. I also highly recommend The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Two very good movies with very long titles.

I love when you go to cancel a subscription and they say "well, how 'bout the same thing but half price?" Makes me wonder if I should try to cancel all my services.

RT @blackqueeriroh
Friends! There are 11 HOURS LEFT to help support queer youth by donating to @heyokayso's campaign! Please help me reach my goal & make FREE high-quality sex, relationship & identity advice available for all youth & young adults!

I dig @tweetbot for Mac's keyboard shortcuts. Even some fun single-key ones (j/k, f) that don't show up in the menu. Well done.

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