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A few straw men couldn’t topple a deity? Huh.
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Atheists didn't finish the job, apparently, so God's Not Dead 5 (titled "God's Not Dead: Rise Up") will be coming out next year.

Just a heads up, the best cat in the world turns 19 tomorrow so I'll be taking the day off to celebrate with him.

I wish I had a fun story to explain this, but a face dive onto carpet with no exigent circumstance just isn't cool.

As I explained to my therapist, I can track my manic episodes using Doing and GitHub without any conscious effort. DATA!

I love food porn shows but have yet to find one that isn’t mostly about meat. Is there a “food bucket list” show for vegetarians?

"Vaccines for Nobody" sounds like an anti-vax event on the calendar unless you know our kitten's name is Nobody.

MoodBlast and the Blogsmith Blogging Bundle have been lost to time, but they were only the beginning of a whole lot of fun I've had.

Lately on the blog: Communicate consistently with TextExpander

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With shell scripting in Shortcuts for Mac, it’s really easy to build a Markdown-based reference library of web content using @ttscoff’s Gather tool. I explain how in this week’s issue of MacStories Weekly for @ClubMacStories members.

A bank account I haven't used in a decade got sold to another bank which is now charging me service fees that have overdrafted the account and they're dragging their heels on helping me close it out. That's some bullshit. I left $30 in that account and now I owe money on it.

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Here's a thread of cool stuff from episode 296 of Overtired:

Do you have any idea how cool fungi are though.

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We all know that journaling can be so good for us. Why is it so hard? We talked about what works for us and why. Then Brett tells us about the resurrection of his tool Gather. Have you heard the Good News?

Lately on the blog: Gather, Shortcuts, Bookmarklets, and Paywalled Content

Safari doesn't have lookbehinds in its JS Regex implementation? How can that be, and how have I never noticed it until now?

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