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I bought a $50 bi-directional USB-C to Thunderbolt 2 adapter that is apparently no-directional. Well, return to sender directional I suppose. Is it possible to hook up an external SSD with USB-C to a Thunderbolt 2 port?

It's real now because it has a Twitter account. /
Just doing this Twitter thing.

If you're going to drive around spraying highly toxic chemicals, please double check addresses. This shit is awful. Nobody should ask for this to begin with.

A lawn company sprayed our lawn because they can't read addresses. 3 days later my headaches and nausea are worsening, which is nothing compared to my partner who has MCS. She had to move out of her own house for the week. So… /1

When a tech company says they do support via Twitter and then reply to your DM with a link to the email form, that's not support via Twitter.

Everybody stand back. I'm going to do that thing.

I _finally_ solved my LaunchBar problem with paste and instant send not working: remove LB from Accessibility prefs and re-add by dropping in. Instant relief…

I'll publish this project later, but here's a preview of my latest insanity. Got annoyed with screenshotting menus for app docs and made a fix: Duplicate any app's menu bar as an HTML playground, complete with scripting API and callout features.

Marked 2 is featured in two sections of the App Store Discover page right now. I'm very honored.

Huge update to my bunch workflow.

Biggest Changes:
* Now shows bunch item and now a file.
* Now uses CLI (instead of URL Scheme)
* moved setting options to settings

Get at -


Great points even in the *same* TZ.
Some things you can do to make it easier for people in other time zones to work with you (thread) 👇🏻

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