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Ooh, if you enter ns1.x and ns2.x for DNS on @hover, if you add another server, it automatically fills in ns3.x. It's the little things.

Also if you haven’t seen It’s All Gone Pete Tong I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Supercute reminds me a bit of the scene in It’s All Gone Pete Tong where he brings in the Austrians to lay down guitar on the album he can’t hear. But in a good way.

Bigod 20. Supercute. Those synths. Every few years I inexplicably wake up with them stuck in my head. Not complaining.

Weekend project… Jekyll plugin to create a list of recently updated pages going back X git commits on branch X (X from config), with links to GitHub diffs. End result is the "Recently Updated Documentation" block on

Just scratching some itches…

You still have to use Subversion to submit a WordPress plugin to the directory? Never mind.

I wish I could script profile changes on my Stream Deck.

Lately on the blog: Loopback: powerful audio routing for Mac, no cables required [Sponsor]

Big Sur mysteries: On notifications, why is there a dropdown instead of buttons when there are only 2 options? Why should everything take 2 clicks?

Got my first dose and am one step closer to returning to my normal of making out with strangers in crowded nightclubs.

and then there was this "it was all Billy Idol a year ago but I stopped showering" hair phase.

RT @ovrtrd
We've collectively flaked on recording this week's episode for 3 consecutive days now. But come hell or high water we will get this week's episode out by Friday. Our sponsors are depending on us. Listeners. I meant listeners. Backspace backspace backspace. Get some sleep.

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