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What did I do over lunch? Confirmation option for Howzit tasks. Just add a question mark to get a Y/N dialog when running a topic… @run?(my

I should make a wiki if I'm going to keep doing this.

Dear developers who maybe are new to Mac or don't primarily release on macOS… zipping DMG files is a n00b move. Just create compressed DMGs and leave them be.

Also my standard admonition: include an alias to the Applications folder in the DMG. It's just classy.

I just made fries with wasabi powder and dip made with vegan mayo and sichuan chili crisp and yes, my vacation is going well.

Only now realizing I can Tapback myself in Messages and totally cut out the middleman when I just need a thumbs up.

Any idea why macOS audio output settings might be different in Safari than the rest of the system? No crazy audio plugins/utils running at all …

At some point MAGA is finally going to overtly embrace nazism. Oh wait, they have? Repeatedly? Oh, never mind.

Yeti’s been following us pretty closely since we got home after a weekend away. Joined us for coffee on the porch this morning.

Bulldog patio, if you’re in Woodstock and bored.

Lately on the blog: Organize your inbox (and never waste time on email again) with SaneBox [Sponsor]

Couldn't sleep so I made Doing's plugin system gem-based so they could include dependencies. I'm really only tweeting this so I can test the new Twitter import plugin…

It's anyone else tired of trying to figure out why my dog is barking.

After the last couple of years I lost track and had to do some basic math to figure out that I'm 44 today. Also had to remember what year it was.

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